Email Marketing from Tree Frog International

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not spam. It is effective and extremely instrumental in any marketing campaign. Tree Frog’s email marketing system delivers content direct to the consumer with ease, and always allows recipients to change their minds.

We enable your company to distribute beautifully designed HTML emails to be sent to entire databases. Our email marketing system enable every email sent to be tracked so you can tell whether it’s been delivered, opened and even if the links have been clicked through.

We’ve developed mailFROG to add a whole suite of email marketing functionality in addition to our content management system:

• Use mailFROG as a standalone product.
• Measure the success of your email marketing strategy.
• Broadcast marketing campaigns and monitor existing ones.
• Track individual user activity.
• Record characteristics of each individual recipient.
• Endless potential marketing techniques.

We have the experience in designing, broadcasting and monitoring to know what actually works in email marketing campaigns.