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A customer experience is the sum total of all interaction between a customer and your brand or business.

It includes the quality and delivery of food, drinks and services, how quickly a customer receives attention, the attitude and behaviour displayed towards the customer, the promises a brand or business makes – and whether they are kept – and ultimately if the customer is helped in extra ways that makes their visit pleasurable.

It is a mix of the physical, what is done and the emotional, how it is done.

The quality of the experience is always judged by the customer and that judgment is always relative to the customer’s expectations.

If you would like to find out how you can improve your restaurant, bar or club’s customer experience get in touch today for a free initial consultation.

Why is customer experience important?

Despite a mountain of evidence which links customer satisfaction and profitability, great customer experience is relatively rare. For every John Lewis, First Direct or Pret a Manger there are at least ten BTs, NPowers or Ryanairs.

But it’s not quite so simple as to say good service equals good profits and bad service equals bad profits.

BT, NPower and Ryanair all feature near the bottom of every customer satisfaction table going and are highly profitable – so what’s the problem?

The problem is that bad service has damaged these organisations. Bad service destroys reputations, costs money and harms staff engagement. And all of these are bad for the bottom line.

BT and NPower can mask the effects of bad service because their customers have extremely limited choice.  And Ryanair sells on price and its profits are boosted by its notorious and unfair extra charges.

So if you are fighting for customers, and don’t want to compete on price, talk to Tree Frog about the benefits and practice of delivering great customer experience.

How to deliver a great customer experience

Every business will tailor its approach to its customer and competitive landscape however the guiding principles are constant:

  • Great customer experience begins at the top and requires the understanding and commitment of all senior executives;
  • Customer experience works inside out so start with employee engagement;
  • Customers are emotional and how they are treated is at least as important to them as what they buy;
  • The quality of customer experience should be monitored and service problems should be recovered quickly and learned from.

If you would like to find out how you can improve your restaurant, bar or club’s customer experience get in touch today for a free initial consultation.

Customer Experience Excellent

How can Tree Frog help?


Our customer experience consultancy service looks at all areas of your restaurant, bar or club to find improvements that can easily be achieved in order to create an awesome customer experience.

We look at a huge range of areas of a business, some of which are:-

  • Website and other marketing output
  • Menu design, readability and presentation
  • Staff greeting of customers
  • Staff knowledge and training
  • Business processes & improvements
  • Technology usage
  • Customer/press/competition reviews

If you would like to find out how you can improve your restaurant, bar or club’s customer experience get in touch today for a free initial consultation.

What would you like to do?

Specialising in strategy, research, training and communications, we help our customers help their customers by delivering better customer experiences, which in turn drives financial and organisational performance and bottom line profit.

Improve your customer experience

Great customer experiences start from inside the organisation. Engaged, motivated and customer focused employees are proven to improve the customer experience and in turn business performance.

Attract and retain more customers

Marketing is an investment. It is an investment in your brand and your position, and ultimately in your organisational performance. We deliver a return on that investment by positioning your brand, raising awareness, starting conversations and driving conversion so you sell to more customers more often.

Develop your employees & processes

Great customer experiences are generated by satisfied, loyal and productive employees and working processes. Our learning consultants provide tailored solutions in strategic and behavioural learning to encourage your employees to reach their potential while living your brand.

Understand your customers and employees

The motivations and attitudes that drive your customers’ and employees’ behaviour gives you the insight to develop and tailor what you do to meet and exceed their expectations.

Engage your employees

Engaged employees build better relationships with customers and live your brand convincingly. Internal communications and training are crucial to engage employees and develop and reinforce the brand across the organisation to make the business a success.

Inspire your audience

Bringing your audience together gives you a powerful opportunity to deliver your key messaging and give it a sense of occasion and energy.

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